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"Testing methods" CNS Standards List

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CNS 5903    2022 Edition
Non-ignition Testing methods for non-sparking beryllium copper alloy tools
L-Textile Industry
CNS 5610    2022 Edition
Methods of testing for nonwoven fabrics
E-Railway Engineering
CNS 16175-8    2022 Edition
Railway applications − Track − Test methods for fastening systems − Part 8: In service testing
C-Electrical Engineering
CNS 62933-2-1    2022 Edition
Electrical energy storage systems (EESS) − Part 2-1: Unit parameters and Testing methods − General specification
K-Chemical Industry
CNS 10757    2021 Edition
Method of Test for Paints(Testing methods Relating to Physical and Chemical Resistance of Coated Film)
B-Mechanical Engineering
CNS 2726    2021 Edition
Testing methods for Fans and Blowers
O-Wood Industry
CNS 6717    2021 Edition
Qualitative standards and Testing methods of wood preservatives
A-Civil Engineering & Architecture
CNS 4725    2021 Edition
Testing methods for Checking Floor-Hinges and Door-Closers
A-Civil Engineering & Architecture
CNS 10989    2021 Edition
Methods for reducing samples of aggregate to testing size
T-Medical Equipments & Appliances
CNS 15265-1    2020 Edition
Prosthetics - Structural testing of lower-limb prostheses - Requirements and test methods
T-Medical Equipments & Appliances
CNS 14393-20    2020 Edition
Biological evaluation of medical devices - Part 20: Principles and methods for immunotoxicology testing of medical devices
L-Textile Industry
CNS 2339-1    2019 Edition
Method of test for fiber mixtures of textiles - Part 1: Testing methods for fiber identification
纖維混用率試驗法-第1 部:纖維鑑別

L-Textile Industry
CNS 8040    2019 Edition
Methods of testing pilling of woven fabrics and knitted fabrics
K-Chemical Industry
CNS 15200-1-7    2019 Edition
Testing methods for paints - Part 1-7 : General rule - Determination of film thickness
K-Chemical Industry
CNS 15200-1-4    2019 Edition
Testing methods for paints - Part 1-4 : General rule - Standard panels for testing
S-Domestic Wares
CNS 15760-1    2019 Edition
Footwear – General test methods – Part 1: Standard atmospheres for conditioning and testing of footwear and components for footwear
鞋類- 一般試驗法- 第1 部: 鞋類與鞋類部件狀態調節及測試之標準大氣狀態
K-Chemical Industry
CNS 15200-1-5    2019 Edition
Testing methods for paints - Part 1-5 : General rule - Coating of test panel (brush application)
K-Chemical Industry
CNS 15200-1-6    2019 Edition
Testing methods for paints - Part 1-6: General rule - Temperatures and humidities for conditioning and testing
C-Electrical Engineering
CNS 14545-4    2019 Edition
Fire hazard testing-Part 2:Test methods-Section 1/sheet 0:Glow-wire test methods-General
L-Textile Industry
CNS 5611    2019 Edition
General principles of physical Testing methods for textiles
C-Electrical Engineering
CNS 14545-8    2019 Edition
Fire hazard testing-Part 2:Test methods-Section 2:Needle-flame test
D-Automotive & Aircraft Engineering
CNS 7894    2019 Edition
General Rules of Testing methods for Switches of Automobiles
H-Non-ferrous Materials & Metallurgy
CNS 12834    2019 Edition
Methods of Eddy Current Testing for Copper and Copper alloy Pipes and Tubes
C-Electrical Engineering
CNS 14545-5    2019 Edition
Fire hazard testing-Part 2:Test methods-Section 1/sheet 1:Glow-wire end-product test and guidance
K-Chemical Industry
CNS 9893    2019 Edition
Testing methods for rubber vibration isolators
K-Chemical Industry
CNS 15200-1-8    2019 Edition
Testing methods for paints - Part 1-8 : General rule - Reference sample
H-Non-ferrous Materials & Metallurgy
CNS 1182    2019 Edition
Testing methods for soldering fluxes
C-Electrical Engineering
CNS 14545-9    2019 Edition
Fire hazard testing-Part 2:Test methods-Section 3:Bad-connection test with heaters
C-Electrical Engineering
CNS 15712-1    2018 Edition
Air conditioners and heat pumps – Testing and calculating methods for seasonal performance factors – Part 1: Cooling seasonal performance factor
空氣調節機與熱泵-季節性能因數測試與計算法-第1 部:冷氣季節性能因數
Z7-General & Miscellaneous
CNS 14600    2018 Edition
Classification and Testing methods for deposited metal of stainless steel by submerged arc welding

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