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Chinese National Standards
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What is CNS Standards ?

CNS Standard is abbreviation of Chinese National Standard, the National Standards of the Republic of China (Taiwan) ;
They are administered by the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

The English versions CNS standards were translated directly from the openly-published Chinese CNS standard , in case of any divergence of interpretation, the Chinese versions CNS standards text shall prevail.

CNS standards are divided into 26 numbered categories, Detail see bellow:
  • CNS Standards 26 Categories:
  • CNS Standards Index:
  • C-Electrical Engineering
    CNS 15156-200 - English Version
    High-voltage switchgear and controlgear - Part 200: A.C. metal-enclosed switchgear and controlgear for rated voltages above 1 kV and up to and including 52 kV
    高電壓開關裝置及控制裝置-第200部:額定電壓高於1kV且在52kV以下之交流金屬閉鎖型開關裝置及控制裝置 - 英文版
    K-Chemical Industry
    CNS 6469 - English Version
    Oil of citronella, Java type
    爪哇香茅油 - 英文版
    C-Electrical Engineering
    CNS 3910 - English Version
    Drinking water dispenser
    飲水供應機 - 英文版

    K-Chemical Industry
    CNS 6349 - English Version
    Oil of peppermint (Mentha×piperita L.)
    薄荷油 - 英文版
    K-Chemical Industry
    CNS 115 - English Version
    Method of Test for Alcohol
    酒精檢驗法 - 英文版
    N-Agriculture, Food
    CNS 5920 - English Version
    Methods of Test for Tobacco and Tobacco Products: Determination of Alkaloid Retention by Filters of Cigarettes
    菸葉及菸製品檢驗法–遺留於捲菸濾嘴內植物鹼之測定 - 英文版

    E-Railway Engineering
    CNS 8489 - English Version
    Composite brake blocks for railway rolling stock
    鐵路車輛用合成閘瓦 - 英文版
    Q-Environmental Management
    CNS 16000-4 - English Version
    Indoor air − Part 4: Determination of formaldehyde − Diffusive sampling method
    室內空氣-第4 部:甲醛之測定-擴散採樣法 - 英文版
    C-Electrical Engineering
    CNS 15950-1 - English Version
    Test method for mechanical vibration of crystalline silicon photovoltaic (PV) cells in shipping environment
    結晶矽太陽光電電池運輸環境之機械振動測試方法 - 英文版
    Q-Environmental Management
    CNS 14065 - English Version
    Greenhouse gases – Requirements for greenhouse gas validation and verification bodies for use in accreditation or other forms of recognition
    溫室氣體-使用於溫室氣體確證與查證機構之認證或其他認可形式之要求事項 - 英文版
    Q-Environmental Management
    CNS 16000-16 - English Version
    Indoor air - Part 16: Detection and enumeration of moulds - Sampling by filtration
    室內空氣-第16部:黴菌偵測與計數-過濾採樣 - 英文版
    K-Chemical Industry
    CNS 6356 - English Version
    Oil of petitgrain, Paraguayan type (Citrus aurantium L. ssp. aurantium, syn. Citrus aurantium L. ssp. amara var. pumilia)
    巴拉圭苦橙葉油 - 英文版
    Q-Environmental Management
    CNS 16000-17 - English Version
    Indoor air - Part 17: Detection and enumeration of moulds - Culture-based method
    室內空氣-第17部:黴菌偵測與計數-培養基法 - 英文版
    R-Ceramic Industry
    CNS 2217 - English Version
    Tempered glass
    強化玻璃 - 英文版
    K-Chemical Industry
    CNS 3272 - English Version
    Polymethyl Methacrylate Moulding Materials
    聚甲基丙烯酸甲酯波形板 - 英文版

    K-Chemical Industry
    CNS 12687 - English Version
    Methods for Determination of Pyridine in Exhaust Gas
    廢氣中之吡啶檢驗法 - 英文版
    Z1-Industry Safety
    CNS 15827-31 - English Version
    Safety rules for the construction and installation of lifts – Lifts for the transport of goods only – Part 31: Accessible goods only lifts
    升降機結構及安裝之安全總則-僅供運送貨物用升降機-第31 部:僅供載貨用升降機 - 英文版
    Z4-Quality Control
    CNS 15962 - English Version
    Control charts − Part 1: General guidelines
    管制圖-第1 部:一般指導綱要 - 英文版
    C-Electrical Engineering
    CNS 62841-2-9 - English Version
    Electric motor-operated hand-held tools, transportable tools and lawn and garden machinery – Safety – Part 2-9: Particular requirements for hand-held tappers and threaders
    手持型、可移置型電動工具及草坪與園藝用機械-安全性-第2-9 部:手持型攻牙機及攻螺紋機之個別規定 - 英文版
    Q-Environmental Management
    CNS 14001 - English Version
    Environmental management systems − Requirements with guidance for use
    環境管理系統-附使用指引之要求事項 - 英文版

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