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Chinese National Standards
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What is CNS Standards ?

CNS Standard is abbreviation of Chinese National Standard, the National Standards of the Republic of China (Taiwan) ;
They are administered by the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

The English versions CNS standards were translated directly from the openly-published Chinese CNS standard , in case of any divergence of interpretation, the Chinese versions CNS standards text shall prevail.

CNS standards are divided into 26 numbered categories, Detail see bellow:
  • CNS Standards 26 Categories:
  • CNS Standards Index:
  • H-Non-ferrous Materials & Metallurgy
    CNS 13057 - English Version
    Cadmium Metal
    鎘金屬 - 英文版
    H-Non-ferrous Materials & Metallurgy
    CNS 13058 - English Version
    Methods of Chemical Analysis for Cadmium Metal
    鎘金屬分析法 - 英文版
    C-Electrical Engineering
    CNS 13059-3 - English Version
    Photovoltaic Devices Part 3:Measurement Principles for Terrestrial Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Devices with Reference Spectral Irradiance Data
    光電伏打元件(第三部:具光譜照射光參考數據之陸上光電伏打(PV)太陽元件量測原理) - 英文版
    C-Electrical Engineering
    CNS 13087 - English Version
    Reliability Assured Light Emitting Diode Big Lamps (for Outdoor Display)
    可靠度保證發光二極體大型燈(戶外顯示用) - 英文版
    K-Chemical Industry
    CNS 13063 - English Version
    General Rules for Methods of Test for Epoxy Resins and Hardeners
    環氧樹脂及硬化劑試驗法總則 - 英文版
    H-Non-ferrous Materials & Metallurgy
    CNS 13054 - English Version
    Methods of Determination for Beryllium in Magnesium Alloys
    鎂合金中鈹定量法 - 英文版
    K-Chemical Industry
    CNS 13065 - English Version
    Methods of Test for Viscosity of Epoxy Resins and Hardeners
    環氧樹脂及硬化劑黏度測定法 - 英文版
    K-Chemical Industry
    CNS 13066 - English Version
    Methods of Test for Softening Point of Epoxy Resins
    環氧樹脂軟化點測定法 - 英文版
    K-Chemical Industry
    CNS 13067 - English Version
    Methods of Test for Epoxy Equivalent of Epoxy Resins
    環氧樹脂之環氧當量試驗法 - 英文版
    K-Chemical Industry
    CNS 13068 - English Version
    Methods of test for total amine values of amine-based hardeners of epoxy resins
    環氧樹脂之胺系硬化劑總胺價試驗法 - 英文版

    K-Chemical Industry
    CNS 13069 - English Version
    Methods of Test for Non-Volatile Matter in Solvent-diluted Epoxy Resins
    溶劑稀釋型環氧樹脂不揮發分試驗法 - 英文版
    C-Electrical Engineering
    CNS 12865-10 - English Version
    Method of Test for Digital Microelectronics (Functional Testing)
    數位微電子檢驗法(功能測試) - 英文版
    G-Ferrous Materials & Metallurgy
    CNS 13061 - English Version
    High Tensile Strength Steels for Tower Structural Purposes
    鐵塔用高強度鋼料 - 英文版
    P-Pulp & PaperIndustry
    CNS 3402 - English Version
    Letter Pads
    信箋 - 英文版

    C-Electrical Engineering
    CNS 11233 - English Version
    Basic Environmental Testing Procedures Part 2: Tests, Test A: Cold
    環境試驗法(電氣、電子)-低溫(耐寒性)試驗法 - 英文版
    B-Mechanical Engineering
    CNS 1099 - English Version
    Double-bladed Saws for Carpenter
    木工用兩刃鋸 - 英文版
    B-Mechanical Engineering
    CNS 1098 - English Version
    Lumbar Saws for Carpenter
    木工用腰鋸 - 英文版
    B-Mechanical Engineering
    CNS 1097 - English Version
    Board Saws for Carpenter
    木工用板鋸 - 英文版
    B-Mechanical Engineering
    CNS 1096 - English Version
    Hand Saws for Carpenter( General )
    木工用手鋸總則 - 英文版
    CNS 13004 - English Version
    Method of Welding Procedure Qualification Test for Stainless-clad steels
    不銹鋼包層鋼板熔接施工程序確認試驗法 - 英文版

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