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Chinese National Standards
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What is CNS Standards ?

CNS Standard is abbreviation of Chinese National Standard, the National Standards of the Republic of China (Taiwan) ;
They are administered by the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

The English versions CNS standards were translated directly from the openly-published Chinese CNS standard , in case of any divergence of interpretation, the Chinese versions CNS standards text shall prevail.

CNS standards are divided into 26 numbered categories, Detail see bellow:
  • CNS Standards 26 Categories:
  • CNS Standards Index:
  • B-Mechanical Engineering
    CNS 4560 - English Version
    Cross Recessed Countersunk (Flat) Head Screws
    十字穴平頂埋頭螺釘 - 英文版

    C-Electrical Engineering
    CNS 6135-9 - English Version
    Hearing aids - Part 9: Measurement of characteristics of hearing aids with bone vibrator output
    助聽器-第9部:用骨導振動器輸出之助聽器性能特性的量測 - 英文版
    K-Chemical Industry
    CNS 7168 - English Version
    Method of Test for Acid Wash Color of Refined Grade Naphthalene
    精製萘酸洗顏色檢驗法 - 英文版
    B-Mechanical Engineering
    CNS 4895 - English Version
    Accuracy Inspection of Hack Sawing Machines
    弓鋸機精度檢驗標準 - 英文版

    B-Mechanical Engineering
    CNS 11258-2 - English Version
    Glossary of Terms for Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) [Terms of Function for Automated Warehouse System]
    電腦輔助製造詞彙(有關自動倉庫系統之功能名詞) - 英文版
    K-Chemical Industry
    CNS 15073 - English Version
    Asphalt for use in pavement construction − Viscosity-graded specification
    鋪面柏油-黏度分級 - 英文版
    K-Chemical Industry
    CNS 12720 - English Version
    Method of Test for Polyethylene Shading Net for Agriculture Use
    農業用聚乙烯遮光網檢驗法 - 英文版

    C-Electrical Engineering
    CNS 14677-1 - English Version
    Sound system equipment Part 1: General
    聲音系統設備-第1部:概述 - 英文版
    B-Mechanical Engineering
    CNS 664 - English Version
    Method of Test for Temperature of Transmission Shaft of Water Pumps
    水泵傳動軸溫度檢驗法 - 英文版
    B-Mechanical Engineering
    CNS 231 - English Version
    Countersinks 120°
    120°錐坑鑽 - 英文版
    K-Chemical Industry
    CNS 6572 - English Version
    Essential oils - Determination of refractive index
    精油-折射率測定法 - 英文版
    Z8-General & Miscellaneous
    CNS 13020 - English Version
    Method of Radoigraphic Test for the Welds of Steel Structure
    鋼結構銲道射線檢測法 - 英文版
    B-Mechanical Engineering
    CNS 4098 - English Version
    Hand Drills
    手搖鑽 - 英文版

    K-Chemical Industry
    CNS 7166 - English Version
    Method of Test for Color After Heating of Fatty Acids
    脂肪酸加熱後之顏色檢驗法 - 英文版
    G-Ferrous Materials & Metallurgy
    CNS 2936 - English Version
    Blackheart Malleable Iron Castings
    黑心展性鑄鐵件 - 英文版
    C-Electrical Engineering
    CNS 6084 - English Version
    Saddle for Rigid Steel Conduit
    電線用鋼管護管夾 - 英文版
    D-Automotive & Aircraft Engineering
    CNS 8480 - English Version
    Hydraulic Clutch Master Cylinder for Automobiles
    汽車用液壓離合器總泵 - 英文版

    T-Medical Equipments & Appliances
    CNS 6628 - English Version
    Finger Sack for Medical Use
    醫療用指套 - 英文版
    C-Electrical Engineering
    CNS 14492-9 - English Version
    Methods of measurement on radio receivers for various classes of emission -Part 9:Measurement of the characteristics relevant to radio data system (RDS) reception
    不同發射類別之無線電接收機的量測方法─第9部:無線電數據系統﹝RDS﹞接收相關特性值的量測 - 英文版
    C-Electrical Engineering
    CNS 410 - English Version
    Symbols of Meters
    計器符號 - 英文版

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